For Weed smokers

1ml of oil = 1 gram weed.  Our liquid is $24 for 10ml.  Check the prices in your area to see the savings

Once you have your weed price, add your cigarillo or whatever you choose  to roll your join.t Average use is 17 puffs before its gone.

Vaporizers/ecigs are 300 to 800 puffs per charge depending on the quality and size, the cheapest being 300 puffs. PER CHARGE! And charge time depends on battery size.  The standard is 600mah-900mah.  Just like smartphones the bigger the batter the longer it will last but the longer the charge time.  So a $20 vaporizer can be recharged for years before replacing.  The vape saving are obvious.

Make The Switch Today

Our CBD is made from Industrial Hemp, see the difference here: